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Building Your Profile and Making an Impact Online

Have you been deliberate in building your profile online to support your professional and career success? Or perhaps you have found it a challenge to decide what is private and you would not want to share online and what you are happy for the world to see if they search for you on Google? These [...]

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Nick Longden on Practice 2015

I’ll admit that it’s not often that I rub shoulders with the likes of Robert Peston, but that’s what I’ll be doing today at Practice 2015 – the latest event from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) – where we will both be speaking.   While the erstwhile BBC Business Editor [...]

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Is your e-commerce business growing as expected?

If not, it is time to invest in a good financial management system. Most companies, while setting up their e-commerce business spend a lot of money and resources to develop stylish web-shops by integrating best of breed ecommerce platforms with the latest technology. Whilst the look and feel of your web store is important, it [...]

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Sage Meets… Linisha Palm: CEO and Founder of Soply

Soply is a new platform where brands and agencies can source custom visual content for their marketing activities. The company was set up earlier this year by founder and CEO Linisha Palm. She is speaking at Web Summit next week in Dublin, and we had a chance to catch up with her before this event. [...]

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A new era for money management

At Sage we don’t believe in standing still. We listen carefully to our customers, so that we can understand their particular problems and pain points, and continuously develop our software to meet these challenges. One of the biggest problems facing our small business customers is the difficulty of making business payments. Paying people used to [...]

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