Extra mile

Customer service & going the extra mile

When starting or growing a business, customer service is often something that can get left behind in the frantic rush. Sage Business Expert Craig Sharp explains how much of his success comes down to good customer service and going the extra mile.  It’s such a well-worn phrase, “going the extra mile”. But in truth it’s [...]

Knowing your customers: How to make customers feel special

You’re smart and savvy and you know your business inside out, but do you know your customers inside out? Getting to know your customers not only allows you to capture customer information and build up a more detailed picture of them, but should also help you to retain your customers’ business over the long term. So, what CRM software is right for you? How can you increase customer satisfaction? And what can you do to make customers feel special? We've recently produced a guide to improving customer loyalty and here our some of our ideas for making your customers feel special. Continue reading…