Say hello to our latest version of Payroll and HR software

Senior Business Analyst, Gary Ging, is one the many people behind our Sage 50 Payroll and Sage 50 HR software. Here he talks about the role of customer feedback in getting the product right.

Gary Ging enjoying a well earned break

Gary Ging enjoying a well earned break

By the time you are reading this our new Payroll and HR 2010 products will have just been released and the R&D team will be all sitting around and relaxing with our feet up. Actually, that won’t be true because as soon as those products are released focus switches to our Payroll Year End project – there’s no time to rest for us…

But I digress, what I wanted to talk about was a couple of new features we’ve put into our 2010 products that I think a lot of people will benefit from.

One area we’ve looked at in our Payroll product is how you deal with the statutory payments for employees, such as sick pay, maternity and paternity pay. In Payroll 2010 it’s now a simple matter of entering one or two dates and the program will immediately tell you whether or not the employee is entitled to a payment, and if so, how much, and more importantly, if they aren’t entitled then why. Our Customer Services team say that processing statutory payments is a common theme on the helpline and they think that the improvements we have made will help a lot of our customers.

One of the many new features in HR 2010 is the ability to record employee holidays as a number of hours, as opposed to days. It’s a simple, straight forward, feature but this was the number one item on our customer wishlist and improves what, I think, is an already great product.

 We really do listen to and appreciate your feedback and suggestions and while there are a lot more great new features in both products please keep on telling us what you want to see in future versions, or, and this is just as important to me, what you don’t like in the current products – just because something is the way it is now doesn’t mean we can’t change it in the future if it means it will make better.