Payroll professionals: the unsung heroes of business today?

Since joining the Sage HR and Payroll team I have come to completely admire payroll professionals. I am sure we are all guilty, including myself, of forgetting, or not even really thinking about the people that make the reason we come into work a reality.

The payroll function is so much more than just ‘pushing a button’. Payroll professionals control a business’s biggest controllable cost – the salary bill – and they protect the company’s reputation by ensuring compliance with a vast range of legislation. And yet how often are they thanked or even acknowledged?

Payroll professionals are highly skilled, technical and accurate and work to probably one of the most important deadlines in an organisation. They also have to work to continuous change. This is particularly true at the moment with numerous changes on the horizon that they need to be prepared for. Including changes in legislation, shared parenting, the default retirement age, childcare vouchers, not to mention all the changes required within the organisation.  These can include annual salary increases, increasingly complex benefit packages and bonuses.

So the next time you open your payslip take a second to think about who made it happen and give them a thank you!

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Adele Bennett, Sage HR and Payroll