Keeping you up and running

It’s been ten months since we launched SageOne, our online accounting software for small businesses, and so far, so good.  However, unexpected downtime can happen, even with the best plans, processes and procedures in place.

Sage One

Sage One

Service outages and disaster recovery have been hot topics in the online space this week.  Such occurrences are a nightmare for vendors and customers alike, and we hope that any affected businesses were able to resume trading without too much disruption.

Sage has been in the business software game for thirty years, so we have years of expertise and experience to draw upon.  We offer on-premise business software as well as online applications, so our customers have the choice of working in a way that suits their business and their lifestyle.

We take our commitment to service very seriously; we’ve invested heavily in this area and have put together robust procedures and plans just in case the worst should happen.


Supporting you, 24/7

All SageOne services come with 24/7 telephone support so, should you experience any problems accessing your account or any issues at all, you can call us at any time, night or day and even over the weekend. Our support line telephone number is 0845 111 66 11.


Keeping you updated

If we do hit unexpected downtime, we’ll place an alert on this blog as well as tweeting about it via the Sage UK twitter account. If necessary, we’ll also send you an email to keep you updated.  Behind the scenes, we’ll be drawing upon all our resources and expertise here at Sage to ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly, thoroughly and with the minimum of impact to you and your business.

Super-secure and reliable


We work with the most respected names in the industry to make sure that your data is secure and your services are stable. We store all of your data in a highly secure environment managed by Rackspace, the world leader in hosting and cloud services.

Taking care of your data


We continuously back up all your data to a secondary data centre in an entirely separate physical location. This means that if we need to, we can quickly switch over to the secondary site without any impact on your data. All of this happens behind a series of advanced firewalls to ensure that your data is fully protected.

Every aspect of the SageOne service has been validated by specialist independent security organisations to give you the peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

If you’re thinking about giving SageOne a try, you can read more about our commitment to keeping your data safe on the Sage One website.

Zeinab Lenton, The SageOne team