The house that ACT built

Formerly a sales promotion and business adviser, Worcestershire-based Mark Edwards is now an acclaimed adviser and public speaker on low-cost, low-carbon eco-heating – after building a revolutionary new home for his family using Sage ACT.  Mark talks to us about how he managed such a mammoth project.

As a recent dad to two sons, Mark tells us that his awareness of the world and his surroundings has become increasingly more acute.  The more the media reminded him of the expanding global population, dwindling natural resources and the inevitable increase in domestic heating costs, the more he felt compelled to act.  Mark set to work on a major project: building a new, eco-friendly home for his family that would be low-cost to run, and  that would last for generations.

The house that ACT built

But it wasn’t enough for the house to be energy efficient and eco-friendly.  Mark was determined to prove the point that renewable eco-technology which would lower fuel consumption and expenditure could still look great.  Taking the Gherkin in London as his inspiration, he planned a home full of curved structures, natural light and character – a far cry from the builds of the traditional cottages and Georgian houses in the area, and costing only a fraction of the heating bills to boot.

The project wasn’t a walk in the park.  The plans took Mark to Germany to meet a renowned property developer, and it was during this visit that Mark learned that his projected energy savings were indeed possible – but that they were yet to be achieved in the UK.  Full of determination, Mark attended no fewer than eight trade shows to learn how to integrate the latest industry technologies into his new home, all the while networking with a large number of German, Italian, Belgian and British suppliers and industry specialists along the way.

Every step of Mark’s journey involved a huge list of new contacts, new information and new actions and, to manage all of this information, Mark used Sage’s leading CRM and project management tool: Sage ACT.  This software helped Mark to:

  • Manage contractors, provide training and track results
  • Track 927 points of contact from his idea, the trip to Germany, project and business planning, reporting, and seeking additional funding
  • Access Sage ACT on his smartphone, enabling him to send pictures and specifications of new products to architects and advisors while on the move – without the delay of arranging meetings

Thanks to Sage ACT, Mark had full oversight and control of his growing database of suppliers, their details and their updates.  Commenting that it was ”easy” to manage and analyse transaction and action history, and to always have a clear overview of his next steps, he used Sage ACT to schedule and track his progress, review proposals, make decisions and build and cement relationships.

Mark believes it would have been impossible to complete such a revolutionary new home on budget and on time without the use of Sage ACT.  Sage ACT was crucial to maximising Mark’s productivity and making his new eco-friendly home, Valley Views, a huge success for him and his family for many years to come.