The importance of saying ‘thank you’

When was the last time you said ‘thank you’? Sometimes it’s a thing we take for granted, yet the impact of saying it can be huge.

Here at Sage, saying thank you is a big part of our culture and we have great policies and incentives in place that encourage a happy workplace. We have a great employee recognition scheme in place whereby you can nominate a colleague for a ‘Guiding Principle’ award, acknowledging them for a job well done. There are many ways to say thank you though and sometimes it can be as simple as saying those two words. So why say it?

thank you note for every language


Saying thank you to the people you work with motivates them to do a better job. If you’re motivated, your levels of productivity naturally increase and you’re more likely to repeat the behaviour.

Happy customers

If your staff are happy, your customers are happy. Think about a time that when you had a great customer experience and what impact that had on your future dealings with the company. Did it make you more or less likely to use that company again?

Repeat business and word of mouth

When an experience leaves you feeling great you’ll want that experience again, leading to repeat business. You’re also more likely to tell others about it generating business through word of mouth.

Here in the Sage One team in UK and Ireland we recently launched a great new online payroll service to the market along with our brand new website. This involved a lot of hard work and extra hours from the team so when our first birthday came around last week it gave us a great opportunity to say thank you to the team. We headed out for a few drinks and nibbles after work and, although our heads were slightly foggy the next day, we all returned to the office feeling motivated and ready to work hard and spread the feel good factor!

So once again I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to my colleagues across Sage for a great team effort in delivering a great service to our Sage One customers.  And channelling my inner Kate Winslet I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my family for making me who I am today, my friends for their support over the years, the family dog for being such an inspiration in my life, the postman for delivering my mail, GHD’s for giving me straight hair, the city of Newcastle for giving me The Forth (best drinking hole ever!), Friday’s for giving me the weekend…

Abby Goode, Sage One

  • Hi Abby,

    Great reminder to thank those who helped us achieve success along the way.

    In addition to the digital thank-you (email, Tweet or text message) and social thank-you (drinks or eats), the value of a hand-written thank you note, with good ol’ fashioned pen and paper cannot be overstated. So easy to send and yet so powerful.