Newcastle2Paris: Day Six

A group of cyclists from Sage have set off from our Newcastle office to cycle to Paris to raise funds for Cancer Research. They’ll be spending a grueling 10 to15 hours in the saddle every day and will be cycling 600 miles. Here is their blog from Day Six. You can also follow them on twitter#sagebikerideand donate at their Just Giving page.

With a 4:45am alarm we had a short but welcome sleep and woke to a beautifully sunny morning. After a quick breakfast we headed to the Ferry terminal to check-in and board the 6:40am Ferry to Calais where we had another excellent breakfast in the posh restaurant on board.

Day 6

Wind! It was very windy. 27mph directly in our faces was not a nice start to the day and made it very tiring for the person at the front of the group.

Day 6 Cat 5To make it worse the planned route showed that the day would be quite tough with 7 Category 5 hills and 2,818 ft of ascent and plenty of other climbs.

Day 6 hills

Unfortunately the plan was completely wrong and there was actually 5,171 ft of climbing and lots and lots and lots and lots of hills! Oh yes and don’t forget the 27mph head wind!

Officially now known as group 2 we have perfected the lunch stop. Today we even manage a pre-lunch beer before stopping for lunch. More of an accident when we found they don’t do food and it’s impolite to just leave. With between 1 and 2 hours for lunch we got to enjoy all that French cuisine has to offer; Coke, Beer, Wine, Frites, Burgers, Cheese, Croque Messier, Mouse au chocolat and coffee. Well that was just today’s lunch and it gave us plenty of energy for the afternoon hills.

Day 6

The weather has warmed up, the clouds are dispersing and the scenery is lovely. Maybe a few too many hills for some peoples liking but lovely all the same.

Day 6

Steve Jemmot’s French language skills continue to impress us and he is always keen to have a go. Today he asked for ‘Un Glace’ when he wanted a glass for his wine and ended up with an ice cream, and he welcomed the waitress with ‘Bonne de duche’ which we think is a shower cap! At least he has a go!

Completing day 6 puts us at approx. 515 miles with 87 to go until we reach Paris.

You can see the route we followed on Garmin

Richard Youngman, Managing Director Sicon