Are you working smart enough? Why reporting tools help us do business better.

CRM can make your business work smarter. As part of our campaign on Smarter CRM, our Sage SalesLogix team have taken over our Sage Blog for one week. Sage SalesLogix is CRM without compromise. Supporting the way you do business providing you with a complete view of all your prospect and customer interactions across marketing, sales, customer service and support.

Having worked with ERP and CRM for more years than I care to remember, I’ve seen Sales, Marketing and Customer Service channels grow massively in the last few years and now, more than ever before, professional people need to be able to make decisions quickly, knowing that they are basing these on live, accurate data and presented in a format that is usable specifically for them.

There are many good reporting tools in the market today but we often still rely on reports that are run at defined intervals, be it monthly, weekly or daily.  The disadvantage of this information is that it’s provided very much after the fact.  In today’s fast paced and challenging world, where every pound is fought over, we need to be certain that our sales, marketing and customer services teams have the tools they need to ensure they are as effective and profitable as they can be.

Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics is a powerful, easy to use, interactive analytics solution that allows you to analyse data and key performance indicators from across your organisation for a deeper understanding of business and team performance and to identify the drivers of, and barriers to, success. With Advanced Analytics, all related information can be interrogated and presented in an easy to view graphical format and at the click of a button detailed information can be drilled into, as far as you choose to go.

Take for example a marketing manager generating a campaign for a new product release.  Using Advanced Analytics he can access data from across the organisation in a single application (eg recent visits to events, support calls logged, visits from sales people, recent purchases etc) and using this data can create a data mashup to get the complete picture of each customer and their potential profitability. 

By using Advanced Analytics, pertinent data can be used, interrogated and viewed in a multitude of ways, providing information that is far more meaningful than data represented in a spread-sheet or pre-defined report.  With information like this at our fingertips what else can we do but succeed!


Sage SalesLogix Advanced Analytics dashboard

Sarah Rabett, CRM Team

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