CIPP First Submission – Is RTI really that scary?

David Gauke at CIPP

Our Payroll product manager Neilson Watts fills us in on the day our payroll team spent at the Chartered Instutute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) when they filed their first ever Real Time information (RTI) submission using Sage 50 Payroll.

We’ve now got a number of our customers confidently submitting RTI returns since the HMRC pilot year started in April and it’s been great to hear a pretty much consistent statement after clicking the submit button……”Is that it!….that was easy”.

So why was it that we were so nervous about visiting this particular customer…….was is that it was the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) with their Chief Executive Lindsay Melvin were in attendance…..or was it perhaps that David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury was there to observe…..(some serious name dropping!)

As it was a school day and due to the grandeur of those in attendance I was kept safely locked away at Sage Towers (which was probably for the best).  I am assured by my R&D colleagues Gary Ging (Business Analyst) and Louise Whitehouse (Product Development Manager) who were in attendance that as it got closer to the point of submitting their first Full Payment Submission (the submission you send every time you pay your employees), it seemed that time slowed down and you could almost feel the anticipation building.

After what felt like an eternity David Gauke, who assumed control of Sage 50 Payroll and the CIPP’s payroll for the day, clicked the submit button…(I’m assured it is the back of David’s head in the photo).  It was like someone had pressed fast forward on a tape deck and within seconds it had gone with a seamless success response returned……followed by David’s response of “That was really very simple” (seriously you just can’t pay for quotes like that!).

One of the really refreshing highlights of the visit was the real interest and customer centric questions asked by David Gauke around small businesses perception of RTI, and how would it impact their payroll processes to ensure employees continued to pay on time and accurately….

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