Top 10 CRM features we least want to see

CRM can make your business work smarter. As part of our campaign on Smarter CRM, our Sage SalesLogix team have taken over our Sage Blog for one week. Sage SalesLogix is CRM without compromise. Supporting the way you do business providing you with a complete view of all your prospect and customer interactions across marketing, sales, customer service and support.

Without wanting to sound like the final round of Mock the Week, what can we do without in our CRM software? Incredibly some of the least wanted features actually exist in CRM software on sale today.

1. More forms to fill in

 No one will ever have on their tombstone  “If only I had filled in more forms.” So CRM software that requires the user to full in multiple forms is doomed to failure. What we really want is software that gives more than it takes.

2. Scripts that tell you what to say and when to say it

Don’t get me wrong, scripts are a fantastic tool to help guide new users in the completion of complex procedures. What we don’t want is one size fits all scripts that are inflexible.

 3. More data

Incredibly most of the users of CRM systems are not data junkies. Whilst your marketing team may appreciate the beauty of standardised data, there’s a high chance that the rest of the users couldn’t care less.

4. Rolling News

There I said it. The top feature of some CRM products, the one that provides a “rolling news” view of every change to every client and opportunity, is NOT what most CRM users want. To start with most of them are not permanently logged in – so will miss most of this alleged news.

CRM features reviewed

5. More options on the menu

Is it just me, or is the new Ribbon Menu from Microsoft a sneaky way to add more options to a menu? Now everyone is adopting it as the User Interface standard, are we to be doomed to a future or ever longer lists of menu options? For those packages that are still lagging behind in terms of user interface design- menus of menus is no longer an option STOP IT! NOW!.

6. Web only CRM

To work properly CRM needs to be accessed anytime anywhere and from any device. Often access has to be from locations with no internet connection. If the users cannot access the CRM system from a mobile device, or a disconnected laptop, then they will defect to other platforms.

7. Improved software branding

Sorry, but your software brand is not my CRM platform. To encourage user adoption I want to brand the CRM platform with our colours, logos, and name. So if it’s called MaCRO or iContact or even Maxi – that is part of my adoption toolkit, and should be what the user sees when they login.

8. Lots of empty boxes on screen

 Just like the empty switch in a car, empty boxes in a CRM screen remind us of data we don’t have. It makes us feel bad about CRM data and resentful about the burden it imposes on us.

 9. New development environments

Most CRM users will never want to develop their system, and the IT types who do would probably prefer to stick with their current tool of choice. That being said, we do need easy ways to configure the system to ensure it meets our needs.

10. Data limits

I understand how SaaS works. I understand that SaaS vendors need to make money – but being greedy and charging over the odds for data storage is just wrong. We need to encourage users to store data – not give them reasons to keep information outside of the CRM system.

So there you have it. 10 things that SalesLogix doesn’t do….and thank goodness for that!

Our guest blogger is CRM expert, Paul Pitman, a Solutions Architect at independent CRM consultancy firm Collier Pickard.