Voluntary work experience at Sage


For the latest edition of our Sage recruitment team blog we thought we’d take a look at Sage’s continuing involvement in the Jobcentre Plus voluntary work experience programme. The programme is part of the government’s ‘get Britain working’ initiatives.

What is the programme?

Voluntary work experience is one of the services offered by Jobcentre Plus and it is aimed at getting young people into work. It is open to people who are aged 16 to 24 but also provides opportunities in some cases to people aged over 25 who don’t have any work experience. To be eligible for the scheme, they must be in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance and it provides them with the opportunity to take part in a work placement between 2-8 weeks with an employer working between 25 and 30 hours per week.

The programme provides the opportunity to:

–          see how the skills they have already acquired can be used within a workplace

–          gain real life work experience

–          build their confidence

–          add to their CV

–          obtain a work reference

–          improve their chances of finding work, 

How has Sage been involved?

Sage has been involved in the programme since the Summer of 2011 and 10 people have completed a placement within our mid market Telemarketing team. This has been a great success for all involved with valuable contributions being made to the business and for 2 people going on to gain permanent positions with us.

They have all received CV writing tips, a reference from us and in some cases interview experience through applying for roles within the business. 

Let’s hear from the people themselves and how they’ve found the experience?

When I first got to sage I didn’t realise how big it actually was and I was impressed by the building and the people. I’ve learned quite a lot. I’ve learned how to talk to people in a formal manor correctly to obtain data, learned CRM software and gained better time management skills by being on time each day.

I enjoyed being able to do the tasks set with ease without really know anything about how to do the tasks before I came here. The job has given me more confidence as I now know what it is like in a work environment such as a office, gained skills I didn’t have before I came here and got me out of a rut of not getting responses by other jobs I’ve applied to in the past.’


‘The work experience was really good, I enjoyed every minute of it, the people there are really kind and very helpful. My first impression of sage was WOW big building. When I walked in I knew I wanted a job here, it’s a great environment to work in.

The staff in MMD taught me how to data cleanse and how to start fact finding to generate leads for the team. They also touched based on selling skills with me. It’s benefitted me because it gave me an insight in to how Sage works and through that I now have a permanent job here. I would encourage anyone to apply to Sage or go on the work experience program through Jobcentre Plus. If it’s benefitted me it will benefit anyone who comes here.’


 Now let’s hear from one of our managers

‘I’ve enjoyed being part of the voluntary work experience programme. There’s been a mixture of candidates in terms of ability but overall the Jobcentre Plus and Peoples Services have been very good in identifying relevant candidates.

I have been happy to recommend several people for roles in Sage and two people have gone on to work full time with us following their placement, which has been really rewarding and shows real progress and the calibre of candidates we get through the door.

Work wise, it has helped with a backlog of admin, such as data cleanse in different guises such as calling customers to update information and taking returned mail and updating information. This is invaluable work that is expensive to do so it’s great to be part of an initiative that links directly into the Data Matters group goals as well as working with people in the community, getting them into work.’