When was the last time you hired an Accountant, and what was it for?

Our Pulse survey* showed that 49% of the 305 decision makers at small businesses questioned, said that their accountant was their most trusted source of business advice. This is up from 38% in previous years.Business advice from your accountant

Supporting business needs

We all know that accountants offer a great deal of support to micro and medium-sized businesses. They offer bookkeeping and accounts production, through to submitting tax returns. But a growing trend in the nature of the accountant has become more prevalent over the last few years. Banks and other advisory bodies have seen a significant and steady fall in trust, and accountants have been prepared to develop, and step into the breach.

Business advice

In addition to the traditional services offered, the last decade has seen the development of more of a business advisory role, with a range of advice for startups in particular, such as forecasting, HR advice, business planning and finding finance. There’s also a comprehensive range of advice around business strategy and marketing.

Two key business issues at the moment concern Real Time Information for Payroll (RTI), and auto enrolment into pensions. Accountants are in the perfect position to advise on the best way to move forward.

You’ll find that there is still an emphasis on minimising costs, and also getting the biggest return for your effort. This is because the same issues affect them on a daily basis, and it puts them in a highly qualified position to offer advice.

So the next time you need some advice on the best way to run your business, ask your accountant. They will most likely have the answer to your problem.

Daniel Duran, Sage Accountants’ Team

*Sage Pulse Survey 2011