A step in the right direction

When you’ve outgrown your business software, choosing the right solution to move forward with is important. As part of our Sage 200 team I help people as they look for business software that meets the challenges of a growing business.

The problem

You’re concerned. Recently you’ve been processing a lot of information through your business software. Things are taking longer than they used to. The vast array of data available to you – whether it’s from email reports, website visits, analytic data, social media posts, webcasts and so on – is becoming more and more difficult to analyse and understand, yet it’s updating constantly, at speed. Decisions are harder to make.

Does the scenario above sound familiar? If so, it sounds like you’re ready to update your business software.

The decisions

Updating your software is a huge decision for your business, and it’s a decision laced with fears – fear of the unknown, technology, failure, change. You’re used to the way things work now and this is a big step, so you need to make sure it’s a step in the right direction. You’re determined the time has come to change your software, but how do you know which solution is going to work best for you?

Looking at your growing business, your software will need to tick the following boxes:

  • It has a good reputation for being reliable, fast, powerful and efficient.
  • It can be set up quickly at minimum disruption to your business.
  • It’s flexible and customisable to meet your business needs.
  • It’s simple to use and provides accurate insight into your data.

The solution

Software for bigger, or more complex businesses should offer a practical and customisable solution; one that brings together financial management, customer relationship management and business intelligence software all in one place.

It is a big step, but one that can reap huge rewards for businesses that have taken it. Moving up to a solution, like our Sage 200 suite, has a range of benefits such as being able to make faster and better informed decisions.

Why should this matter? Well, if you’re finding that you’ve got loads of data across your business but no way of making sense of it, then think of the value of getting the right data to the right people and gives your managers an instant and accurate view of what’s going on. That’s true business intelligence.

Growing up

There are lots of benefits of growing your business software with your business. Over the thirty plus years that we’ve been helping businesses we’ve put a network in place to make taking that next step as simple as possible.

  • Sage Developers: Our network of 900 Developers can integrate or customise Sage 200 to help you grow your business.
  • Sage Business Partners: Our network of accredited Business Partners spend time finding our your specific requirements and provide you with demos, training, support and implementation of the solution.

As a business, you’re constantly looking to become more efficient, competitive and savvy in the way you develop and market your products and services. Your business is growing and you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Simon Campbell, Sage 200 Team