Are you feeling confident?

In the UK we’re bucking a trend!

In the face of near-universal global decline in confidence in local economies, we’ve come out top of the charts for business confidence.Sage Business Index

Well, that’s what our latest Sage Business Index shows. In the UK, respondents were among the most optimistic about their individual business’ prospects over the next six months recording the highest levels since the Business Index began in 2011 and overtaking Germany for the first time.

With the UK moving out of recession for the first time since 2008, our research has revealed that the majority of UK business owners changed to meet the challenges of the current economic climate. Over four in five (81%) of UK business owners believed that they had successfully adapted and this is certainly something we are hearing from our customers.

Jeremy Corner, one of our Sage Business Experts and owner of Blue Eyed Sun gorgeous greetings cards couldn’t have put it any better in his recent blog What I learned from the Sage Business Index:

“you can’t sit and complain or get depressed about the changes that take place around you, you can only adapt to what is happening and find new ways to grow.”

Too true.

Cath Sheldon, Social Media Team