Ever thought about being an apprentice? Now’s your chance

In 2012, Sage decided to offer their very first apprenticeship scheme, including roles in Customer Service, Brand Marketing, People Services, IS and R&D. I was one of the very lucky eight who were selected to be a part of their apprenticeship scheme, and here’s what it means to me…

What better way to gain experience and a qualification without having to go to University! Not only am I getting both of the above, but a monthly wage in my bank account is another added bonus – a lot more attractive than debt! Along with this excellent opportunity to gain skills within my preferred area of a business, which is marketing, I also have the chance to:

  • meet new people and make new friends
  • share my ideas with the team
  • understand how the business operates across all departments
  • be involved with brand campaigns such as Sage 200

Not only is this a brand new experience for me, I feel I can bring new ideas to the team as a fresh face and possible new methods to which Sage could benefit from as a whole.

The prospects for me at the end of my two year apprenticeship are brilliant  not only have I had the chance to gain a qualification along with a range of new skills but having ‘Sage UK Limited’ on my CV will be an excellent career boost for me as they are recognised worldwide.

I would recommend to anyone who is in the ‘what to do next?’ stage to definitely find out more about apprenticeships whether it be with Sage or not.

Find out more at apprenticeships.org or Sage.co.uk/careers

Ashleigh Cameron, Brand Marketing Team