Why Clear Business Outcomes chose Sage ERP X3 for their business

Would you like your new ERP solution up and running in and little as 35 days?

Following feedback from our customers we have recently launched to market a new deployment method for our flagship ERP product. The first of its kind in the UK, Sage ERP X3 can now be implemented in as little as 35 days, using our predefined implementation toolkit designed specifically for UK businesses.

For one week only the Sage ERP X3 Team have taken over the Sage Blog, to hopefully answer all your ERP related questions and share with you the thoughts of our business leaders.

Why CBO chose Sage ERP X3 for their business?

Clear Business Outcome Ltd. (CBO) is a Sage ERP X3 business partner and we specialize in multi-site, multi-company and multi-country implementations; having a team of 16 consultants with 250 years of experience in doing just that.

Sage ERP Platform

After forming the company 2 years ago and we have experienced rapid growth and, working in 19 countries in the last 12 months, we have quite a complex business when it comes to finance, currencies and especially VAT.

We now need the rich functionality of an excellent ERP system but without the demands of a traditional, complex implementation… Cobbler’s children springs to mind!

Pre-configured for UK businesses

Sage ERP X3 is the only ERP system pre-configured for UK legislation and combines full functionality with a rapid, low cost implementation and, through the provided 150 Visual Processes, allows users to adopt the system far more easily than traditional ERP.

The implementation is taking us less than 2 months and we estimate spending fewer than 20 days work on getting the system up and running.

The pre-configured but flexible chart of accounts allows us to identify all our products, services, geographic regions, customer types etc. One of the most exciting things for me, as MD, is the business intelligence that is built into the system and that flows from the chart of accounts.

Not so ‘Nominal’ Ledger

Not being an accountant it seems ironic to me that I am quite so animated about the structure of the Nominal Ledger but what it gives me is a massive amount of intelligence about my business.

There are 50 pre-built graphical KPIs that immediately allow me to analyse the business by product, by region, by customer type etc. giving me unprecedented access to information that to-date, I have to guesstimate. The ability to understand profitability of product/service across customers within different geographic regions – and the ability to drill down to individual transactions from the business intelligence dashboards – allows me to make decisions on how to continue growing the business in the best direction.

Ease of use

In the meantime our Accounts Manager is looking forward to the ease of use when managing multiple currencies – often with the same customer – and a huge reduction in the effort it takes to provide financial and management accounts.

Our Sales Director is already building the date for the embedded CRM system in Sage ERP X3 – and the critical word here is ‘embedded’. CRM isn’t a separate module but forms part of the whole system which means that everyone in CBO can see everything that relates to the customer, from sales activity through current project activity to the state of the account.

This is truly an exciting time for CBO and we will be recording our progress as we go by blogging on our website. www.clearbusinessoutcome.com and tweeting real time progress updates on @tweetcbo

Damien Sullivan, Managing Director, Clear Business Outcome

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