Would you like your new ERP solution up and running in and little as 35 days?

Following feedback from our customers we have recently launched to market a new deployment method for our flagship ERP product. The first of its kind in the UK, Sage ERP X3 can now be implemented in as little as 35 days, using our predefined implementation toolkit designed specifically for UK businesses.

For one week only the Sage ERP X3 Team have taken over the Sage Blog, to hopefully answer all your ERP related questions and share with you the thoughts of our business leaders.

When is an ERP solution more than just a piece of software?

If we accept the premise that most modern ERP solutions offer similar functionality, how does a prospective client chose between solution providers? This has been debated for years and often results in the decision being made based on the solution that offers the least risk. A sensible, pragmatic route to take perhaps, given the inherent risk involved in any upgrade or new install of software that lies at the very heart of an organisation.

Numerous authors have introduced best practice methodologies, guidelines and templates to help minimise the threat of an implementation derailing but have largely left the interpretation of such guidelines in the hands of the consultancy or implementation partner.

But should we expect an author to take more responsibility for the success of its software implementation? What if a software author was to provide a pre-configured option for its solution that included not only set-up parameters but completed the picture all the way to the delivery of KPI, dashboards and statistical information?

Sage UK is aiming to do just that with its imminent launch of its pre-configured edition of Sage X3 ERP in the UK.

Sage has the solution – Sage ERP X3

It is a “solution” not just a piece of software. Pre-set for UK businesses, it includes 16 roles, 140 pre defend visual processes, 192 set up wizards and 50 KPIs and follows the successful launch of this solution in other European countries.

And it doesn’t stop there. As business needs change, Sage provides an upgrade path that allows users to move to its flagship global product Sage ERP X3 without a reinstalling the application-a compelling proposition that future proofs a client’s investment.

Your ‘cup of tea’?

This of course will not be everyone’s cup of tea, nor will it suit certain organisations, but consider for one moment that all ERP software should provide a sales order processing function, raise purchase orders, manage stock with all its variations and post transactions. Then why shouldn’t these processes, best practices or methodologies be pre- built and packed in a way that a site can adopt from day one? Could this be a software author leading the thought process by drawing upon its vast experience and feedback from its client base?

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition will undoubtedly challenge the thinking around risk and responsibility and will change how we select ERP in the future. The question is: will other software vendors respond to this positive step forward for the end user?

Phil Snowe, Business Consultant at CPiO

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