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Getting ready for RTI: Don’t delay install today

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Our SageCover Extra members have their software upgraded as part of their membership. So, you could have your new Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition waiting for you right now. However, you might be surprised to discover that not all our customers like to install their software as soon as they receive it.

So, what’s stopping you installing Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition?

I’m not ready to start Real Time Information

With RTI preparation is key and Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition will help get you ready, prepared and confident for the changes to PAYE.

We’ve worked closely with HMRC and our customers on the RTI pilot to make RTI as easy as possible for you. One of the things we discovered wa that accurate employee data is critical to a seamless move into the RTI process.

That’s why we designed the RTI Data Health Check tool to check your data is error-free before you submit it to HMRC. It’s features like these that will help you get ready for RTI.

How do I submit my payroll with the RTI Edition before I start RTI?

Our software is packed with RTI features but if you’ve not started RTI yet just carry on as normal. While you process your regular payroll your software will start helping you prepare your data, sending emails and letters to your staff to get the right information.

It’s only when you put your RTI start date from HMRC in your software that all the RTI features whirl into action.

Once you’ve installed you get to use all the fantastic new features, so why wait any longer?

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Jonathan Dowden, Sage Payroll Team

  • I am due to go into a meeting with the DWP Deputy SRO next week regairding concerns over RTI and SMEs. What proportion of SAGE customers have installed and/or are testing your RTI routines, inclindg their own processes. I note the the pilot was confined to those running single schemes but I note that barely half the UK employed work force now works full time for a single employer.

    P.S. It may be helpful for you to know that Sage was one of the first packages to be accreditated under the programme that I negotiated with Ministers (the NCC Microsytems Centre reported to me at the time) to check that software correctly calculated a test pack supplied by the Inland Revenue. I once again chair the Conservative Technology Forum (I then chaired the Conservative Computer Forum). I fear that Sage is probably ready for RTI but many of its customers are not and ministers are, in any case, expecting too much from RTI anyway, because of the growing proportion of the workforce that has collections of part-time employment. I would thefore be more grateful for your views on what DWP and/or HMRC be doing to reduce the risks inherant in the changes they are undetaking