The moustache in the workplace

This year, Movember has grown within Sage and it’s great to see the interest in moustaches blossom around the office and indeed across the company.  It’s been really good to see so many people start their Movember journey and begin to grow their moustache.

But why the sudden interest in Moustaches?

Well it’s all part of the Movember campaign which raises money and awareness for men’s health and specifically raises funds for Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research. But this made me think, why don’t we see more moustaches around the office?

I must be honest, shaving and I don’t get on.  I am sure my colleagues would all say that they don’t remember seeing me clean shaven unless I’ve been to a wedding. But day to day I don’t normally just cultivate a moustache; I tend to go for a beard.

So what about my colleagues? A lot of them are customer facing or go out on site visits, and felt that a moustache or beard wouldn’t be allowed.

So I checked…. the nearest policy I’ve found says:

All of our people are required to be neat, clean and tidy while at work, whether working on the Company’s premises or elsewhere” and “When representing the Company with customers, suppliers or other business contacts either within the office or externally, you should wear business dress.”

So it doesn’t look like the moustache is out because of policy.

So is it the law that’s stopping people? Now I am not a legal person so a quick search on the internet suggests not, unless there is a specific need for it. For example, in Food Preparation, since we don’t like finding hairs in our food, then a clean shaven policy could be enforced, or hairnets for beards would be needed. All makes common sense so far, but it doesn’t apply to us here at Sage.

So why then don’t we see more of them?

I spoke to a colleague Chris who suggested that “it’s the incubation period, where, let’s be honest you look foolish” Now that might just be aimed at me, but I suspect it’s a widely held belief aimed at all moustache growers. So perhaps if we could all get over that initial discomfort then the moustache could well be king.

As the month goes on, perhaps the moustache will become loved and be accepted in our office and even when Movember has gone, it may live on… keeping the top lip warm. I’ll be back in the middle of the month to let you know how we are getting on.

Should you want to track our progress you can see us on the Movember website here: [email protected]

Is It the same in your office? Or is the moustache king?

Stephen Douglas, Customer Services