Past the point of Mo return…

As promised, we are back for our Movember update and things certainly have changed around our office.  As it stands now, we’ve got 184 people signed up to support Movember covering a number of different Sage sites. In my own office and from my desk I can now see, err, four fine (!) examples of Mo’s that were not there at the start of the month.


Are you suffering from moustache envy?

As you walk around the buildings, you see more and more moustaches in a range of styles, shapes, colours and lengths. In the queue for the coffee shop the other morning, I found myself with Moustache envy – and at the same time feeling more little bit sorry for myself with the current state of my own effort.

Let me  introduce you to Paul from Research and Development for our Mid-Market Division.  Not content with growing a mighty fine Mo, he has managed to match his Mo to an outfit as a Victorian Gent.  We salute you!

From my colleague Paddy, he tells me “it’s been a whirlwind of emotions, that feeling of being so grateful to everyone who has supported us as we been able to raise money for such an important cause”.

It’s not all good though as he does tell me, and I am not sure I am meant to share this with you, that he has discovered a kaleidoscope of colours growing on his upper lip.

Mo Sista

Movember is not just about the men of Sage, we’ve managed to enrol a number of Mo Sistas to support the cause.  Gemma from our Sales Support team has been supporting her partner who is growing a Mo.  Gemma wanted to share her experiences with you all so here goes:

“My partner is taking part in Movember this year and I’m really proud that he’s had the courage to pick up a razor for the first time in over nine years and have a clean shave for such an amazing charitable event.  Me on the other hand I prefer the stubble “un groomed” look but I’m actually starting to get used to this new biker style he has going on, but I have to admit I don’t think I’ll miss it after the 30th November.  I think it’s fantastic how there are so many Mo’s taking part in Sage, every time I see one I have a little chuckle.  Even though I can’t grow a moustache “concerning if I did” being a Mo Sista is pretty cool.  I’m really proud of my Mo as I know every day he’s getting hairier the more money he’s raising for charity.  I even wore my Mo Sista jumper at work on Monday with pride!”

So with all those Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting the cause we made inroads at improving awareness of men’s health issues and, I can only hope that our fund raising total continues to grow so that we can help fund further vital research. You can learn more from this link.

With more than a week to grow,  I am sure that Gemma will get to giggle a little bit more at the moustached men , and I will still suffer from Moustache envy when I see a better example than mine….. but you know what it’s all for a good cause. In my last blog I asked if Moustache is king… may not be yet, but it’s still on the rise.

Long Live The Mo!  – well at least until the end of Movember!

Stephen Douglas, People Development Coach