Payroll software for Real Time Information

I’m really proud to let you know what we have in store for our Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition. And yes, that is my head on that cartoon body (I don’t actually look like that!).Jon Dowden, payroll software expert

Stressfree Real Time Information

The two most important factors to create a seamless move into Real Time Information (RTI) is preparation and data accuracy. The RTI centre keeps everything you need to prepare for RTI in one place, takes you through the preparation process step by step and most important of all makes it simple.

It’s a lot like having your personal RTI team on your desktop.

A team to show you everything you need to do and in what order you need to do it. A team to collate all the data you hold on your employees, write individualised letters and then email the letters to out to your employees all at the click of a button.  A team to ensure that you have no 200 year old employees and that the true identities of Mr X and Mrs X in sales can be finally revealed.

You can already imagine just how much time, effort and stress the RTI centre will save you?

Healthy Data

Before starting to submit data to HMRC under RTI it is vital that you rectify any data anomalies, whether that is 200 year old employees, employees by the name AN other or National Insurance numbers such as AB12345 but as you continue to submit data through RTI it is important that you keep it accurate and audit it regularly.

Sounds like a job in itself but not with the RTI Edition.

Data Health Check does it all for you, just click the button and it’s like sending a highly skilled auditor to audit your employee records.  An auditor that will provide you with an instant report on what is wrong and what you need to do to put it right.  So you no longer need to fear that the 200 year old pensioner called Mr X with the dodgy NI number is still lurking within the depths of your employee information, with data health check his days are numbered.

Show me how

How many times have you wished you had a sage expert sitting next to you when you did something for the first time or when you did something you haven’t done for a while?

What about those times when you just needed that quick reminder of a process when you were trying to get ahead on a Sunday night?

Show me how is that Sage expert on your desktop, providing support exactly where you need it the second you need it.  Click show me how and you will be taken to step by step guides with videos showing you how to process things like maternity pay, sick pay or pensions. These are some of the process not always completed every week and the ones that users would like to be reminded about. Your personal Sage expert is waiting to help you.

Well, that’s a few of the things we been working on! Find out more about the benefits of our products here.

Jonathon Dowden, Sage 50 Payroll Team

Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition
  • Brilliant team up there (as always!) I had a slight glitch in my updated software that refused to be compatible with RTI. I faffed around for hours trying to sort it out, then in desperation phoned the RTI help line. WHY didn’t I do that in the first place !? Nick (Wilson) was great – patient, courteous, efficient, and took over by Remote Support which, although took forever due to the ancient computer I have (over 6 years old), he completely sorted the whole thing out and left me with an up-and-running system, all compliant and up to date, and my first RTI payroll confirmed and completed.
    THAT’S why we have Sage Extra Cover – it takes ALL the hassle out of using a computer for accounts and payroll.
    Thank you Sage. Keep up the good work. (and thanks again Nick!)