RTI – The most exciting change to PAYE in a lifetime

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It is not often that you get to use the words PAYE and exciting in the same sentence but as I go around the country talking to customers new and old I’m doing it more and more.

I’m writing this post sitting on a train heading to Leeds to deliver another day of Real Time Information (RTI) seminars that begin with a room full of nervous looking participants thinking “OMG” how is this going to hit my business? And end with a room full of confident participants thinking this is great when can I start? A transformation brought on by the knowledge that they have the software and support to make a smooth and seamless transition into RTI.

So why is RTI Exciting?

  • No more Payroll Year End

The first exciting aspect is the elimination of the stress of payroll year end (PYE). If three years ago as you were gearing up for payroll and year end someone came up to you and said that the government would take this headache away, you would have presumed the person had fallen and hit their head on something hard and blunt.

RTI is making this happen so the huge amount of work previously associated with PYE has been eliminated.

  • Sage Payroll does the heavy lifting

Second, at Sage we strive to provide our customers with solutions that give them back time and money to help them focus on running their businesses.

If you look at Sage 50 Payroll RTI Edition it not only handles the processing RTI with a simple click but also checks your employee data, carries out a data audit and if you do need some help the product will even show you how. It does the hard work so you don’t have to.

  • You can regain control…

Third, more and more businesses will take control of their payroll by bringing it in house. We are already seeing payroll outsourcing costs increase with RTI being used for justification.

Many employers who currently outsource are also seeing their own workload increase as deadlines and processes for submitting their payroll information to outsourcers become tighter.

This raises the question; If I am responsible for getting it right, if I have to collect and send it to my payroll provider in the right format at the right time then why don’t I also click the submit button and  save myself the stress time and money?

The future is bright and we’re excited

This trend is likely to continue as businesses get used to RTI and our products make it ever simpler to process payroll in house no matter what the size of the organisation. RTI is changing  the way we process payroll and combined with the amazing functionality of the RTI Edition it has dramatically reduced the fear and stress of processing payroll under RTI giving  more businesses the ability to take control of this process and bring it back in house.

Our solutions currently process payroll for over 500,000 employers paying 7.6 million employees. New developments planned for the product can only build the momentum further.

So yes, it is exciting and if you don’t believe me have a look

Jonathon Dowden, Sage Payroll Team