To be-ard or not to be-ard…

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We know that men today are freer to express themselves than ever before and they like to change their facial hair style frequently.   In fact, according to recent research, over half of men now style as well as shave their facial hair. But with the month of Movember upon us, what does this mean in the modern workplace?

Facial hair raises strong emotions. What’s on your chin – and what isn’t – can define who you are and how you’re viewed by others.  Now, in some workplaces, facial hair is perfectly acceptable and even becoming the norm.  On others, it would still be frowned upon.  It’s a tricky balance, so how do you tell whether you can grow a ‘mo’, or any other facial hair for that matter?

No ‘mo’?

Firstly, look around your office, check if anyone has any signs of stubble or a beard.  If the answer’s no and the dress code is smart, then it’s probably a no ‘mo’.  However, if you work at a less conservative company and see a more relaxed dress code and some signs of stubble sprouting, then read on…

What’s your style?

Trust your partner or a close friend to help you find a style that suits you.  Yes, it’s your face and your beard but it’s really hard to judge what looks right all by yourself.  Plus, if your other half doesn’t like it, you may want to reconsider!

The secret to keeping your whiskers in your professional life is to give them lots of TLC – and unless you work somewhere edgy, then keep it simple!   Keep the hair tidy and trimmed, you probably want to keep your neck cleanly shaven for example.   There are lots of tools out there now to help you shape, trim and maintain your look, making it a lot easier to make your facial hair work for you.  Also make sure you look after your skin so it is healthy and looks great as well, don’t think that it’s ok to ignore it as it’s under your whiskers!

Click here for some inspiration from Dr Allan Peterkin.  Not only is Allan a psychiatrist and lecturer, he is also a prolific scribe on the topic of male grooming and has written ace titles such as ‘1000 Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair’ and also ‘The Bearded Gentleman – The Style Guide to Shaving Face’.

So if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that enables you to grow a ‘mo’ – look after your ‘mo’ for Movember, raise lots of money for this worthwhile cause and at the end of month feel free to make the decision as to whether you shave it or save it…

Philips Usage and Attitude Research based on interviews with more than 10,000 consumers, 2010

By The Philips Male Grooming Team