New research reveals SMB’s strong app-etite

Research on business apps

Some of our recent research shows that mobile app adoption is set to rocket over the next few years and transform the way small and medium sized businesses operate.

When we carried out the Sage Omnibus survey of over 1,000 business owners, the results revealed that Sage 50 Pulse for Windows 8 as more people are entering the world of running their business whilst on the move. Our research also identified the most popular uses of business apps are checking a company’s finances, reviewing the state of customer invoices and updating social media.

The increased availability of superfast broadband and 4G networks means that people are no longer tied to office computers in order to access critical business data. Our survey found that half of respondents are regularly using apps to run their business at home when in the kitchen, in bed or even when getting their weekly trim at the barbers/ hairdressers

Sage 50 Pulse

Using Sage software on your mobile

Here at Sage, to help businesses take advantage of the app phenomenon, we recently unveiled one of the UK’s first business apps designed specifically for Windows 8 desktop and portable devices – Sage 50 Accounts Pulse which has been designed to deliver top-line financial information to Owner Managers and company Directors, who don’t necessarily have accounts experience or software expertise but who need to monitor customers, suppliers, cash flow and profit and loss.

Sage 50 Accounts Pulse is available for free to any Sage 50 Accounts 2013 users until May 2013. Here are a few key features you will find on the app:

  • Your Profitability

View your profit and loss values for this financial year as interactive graphs and compare month by month values. You can also compare values to the previous financial year to spot trends and take informed decisions.

  • Detailed Profit and Loss

View a detailed breakdown of your Income and Expenditure. You can see the totals for all categories in your Chart of Accounts and compare the values between months. This helps to identify new opportunities for growth or financial savings.

  • View Bank Transactions

Drill down on total balances of each bank account to see the transactions in and out that makes up the total. Helps you to check when funds are cleared within your account and query individual transaction amounts.

  • Customer Overview

See at a glance how effective your credit control is by viewing money owed.

  • Supplier Overview

View the total amount of money that you owe to help avoid late payments.

  • Helps manage your relationships

Effectively prepare to meet business contacts with up to date information, recent communications and transactional activity on their account.

The application can be downloaded from the Windows store. Alternatively, visit for further information.