e-Business Benchmark Report

Today we are really excited to launch our 2013 e-Business Benchmark Report.

Each year we compile our report using statistics from 1500 online businesses across the UK.
As always we’ve been asking questions around which tools they are using to entice customers to their websites, through to how they manage fraud in a bid to identify the behaviours and techniques that are delivering success.Sage Pay's eBusiness Benchmarking Report

With e-commerce booming and the UK’s seemingly insatiable appetite for shopping online, our e-Business Benchmark report threw up a few interesting nuggets of information that we thought might interest you online shoppers looking for a bargain

Getting social

Among our small business respondents, Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns are not working as they are competing for keywords against larger companies with seemingly endless budgets.  However, investing time into social media is going from strength to strength and paying dividends in terms of driving customer loyalty and brand awareness.  We noticed this trend taking shape in last year’s report and it seems that more and more shoppers are following businesses on social channels and using them as their own content-rich newsletters where they can find out first about special offers and new products

The rise and rise of M-commerce

Consumers demand to be able to shop anywhere and anyway they like have led to a huge increase in mobile, or
m-commerce.  More sales are being made via mobile devices than ever before and we’ve all browsed websites on our mobiles at bus stops or on the train on the way home from work.  As this technology evolves, retailers are rushing to keep up.  We found that 73% of our large business respondents currently have websites that are optimised for mobile browsers and 22% have mobile apps.   However a huge 48% of our respondents are looking to develop a mobile app in the next 12 months.

Innovation over legislation?

However be warned, British e-businesses are leading with innovation but neglecting business fundamentals in the quest to beat the recession and stay ahead of industry changes. Worryingly, it’s the larger businesses with the brands we know and trust which are the ones likely to let us down and put our card details at risk.  The report reveals that 18% of large businesses fail to comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations. For small businesses, more than half (58%) don’t understand it in the first place.  With increasing investment in new technologies, comes the expense-of the basics such as data protection and fraud security.

How to get your free report

You can download the full complimentary report here www.benchmarkyourebusiness.com

Amy Monro, Sage Pay