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What is RTI?

RTI, or Real Time Information, is new legislation now in place by HMRC. It’s a new and improved way of reporting and means most employers will need to submit PAYE in real time. Sound scary? It’s not if you know how! This is where we can help…..
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  • Helen

    I need to pay employees a week before the day they receive their pay on 27th for the month.When do I send the FPS dated 27th can it be done earlier.Thanks

    • Jonathan Dowden

      Hi Helen

      RTI legislation stipulates that you must submit the information to HMRC “on or before employees are paid ” so it is fine to submit the information when you process the payroll as you describe a week before the employees receive their pay.

      Hope this helps


  • Carole

    If an employee leaves in one month but has payment due to be paid in the following month what leave date do we use?

    • Neilson (Sage UK)

      Hi Carole,

      1) Process the payroll as normal, update the records,
      2) Enter the date of leaving as the “actual date they have left the company” (not the date they were paid).
      3) Then submit the Full Payment Submission

      Kind Regards,


      • lawrence

        Thanks Neilson

        Will try to download to another PC and hopefully take it from there

  • lawrence

    Hi – We are on the pilot scheme and the payroll year end guide says not to conitinue but to download the relevant guide, but when we download the file we get an error opening this document and that the file is damaged and could not be repaired.
    Can I continue using the PYE links within the payroll software but then when do we need to install the CD that states this must be done before running the year end!

    • Neilson (Sage UK)

      Hi Lawrence,

      Have you tried re-downloading the guide? Or tried to download it onto a different PC?

      If you are using Sage 50 Payroll, we recommend that you install the software straight away, which will mean that your help etc will be up-to-date within the software.

      Kind Regards,


  • Bridie

    Has the window changed on the e Submissions in this new tax year as we could not complete today?

    • Neilson (Sage UK)

      Hi Birdie,

      There are no changes to when you can submit to HMRC. You still have until 19th May to submit your Payroll Year End returns, and from 6th April can start submitting your RTI returns.

      Have you received an error when attempting to submit to HMRC?

      Kind Regards,


  • Hemchandra Savla c/o Barnet UNISON

    Participated in the RPI pilot during 2012-13 tax year. The yearend Sage Payroll 50 disk was used to update the software as soon as it was received in March. Ran the yearend payroll wizard to complete the yearend process and submission to HMRC. The wizard offered the following:
    • Tax Year choice
    • Yearend declaration to HMRC
    • Internet submission
    • Production of P60
    • Backup
    • Complete yearend process
    • Reminder to distribute P60

    More importantly, the wizard did not offer the following which is shown the Guide that accompanied the disk:
    • Printing P11s Deduction cards
    • P32 preparation
    • P35 wizard

    So my queries are as follows:

    1 Why was the yearend wizard different from the guidance notes?
    2 Have I complied with HMRC requirement as the wizard did not allow me to submit P32 and P35?
    3 Do I need to do anything in order to comply with HMRC requirements?

  • Neilson (Sage UK)

    Hi Hemchandra,

    In response to your 3 questions: –

    1) There are 2 different variants of the Payroll Year End Guide, one for the participants of the RTI pilot and one for non RTI pilot customers. Unfortunately it looks like you have received the wrong guide. You can download the RTI Guide from (RTI Guides pane is on RHS on screen).

    2) Under RTI there is no longer the need to submit P35 or P14s.

    3) As long as you have worked your way down the steps in the wizard you will have complied with your requirement. If any doubts please check the Guide I have referred you to in 1)

    Kind Regards,


  • Ann

    Can you let me know if there has to be a date specific for the first EAS?
    Im submitting today if not , my process date is month end 30.4.13 is this ok.? I know i have to do the date paid to employees for the FPS

    • Ceara Metcalf

      Hi Ann,

      The EAS isn’t date specific so it won’t matter what process date you use. You do need to make sure you submit it before submitting your first FPS, and your FPS should ue the date the employees are paid.

      Sage UK

      • Ceara Metcalf

        Hi Ann,

        Sorry, I should say that to submit your EAS, while it isn’t date specific, your process date should be in the 2013-14 tax year.

        Sage UK

  • Tracey Anne

    Hi I am trying to submit my FPS but it is saying my SCON number is incorrect, under our pension scheme there is no SCON number so how can I get round this to submit?

  • Christina Waters

    Hi, Can you please advise if an employee is “on hold” if they have to be included on FPS as option to not include, so not sure of relevance. thanks Chris

  • Hi

    I run payrolls on Sage for a couple of small companies (just 2 employees who are Directors on each company) and send the details of net salaries for them to pay themselves monthly. Due to the nature of these businesses the Directors are often travelling abroad on business so it may be up to a week later before they actually transfer the salary to their accounts, so what Process date do I set if I can never be sure when they are actually going to transfer their salaries? Or must they always pay themselves on the process date (or the preceding working day if a weekend)?

    One other question just to clarify other responses above regarding paying by Business Internet Banking, in the Employee record when selecting ‘method of payment’ select ‘Credit Transfer’ and not the ‘BACS’ or ‘Direct BACS’ option.

    Many thanks for your assistance


    • Neilson (Sage UK)

      Strictly speaking HMRC do expect the payment date to be taxed at source for the right tax period, therefore the process date should be the same as the date of payment. However, as long as the payment date falls into the same tax period for what you are paying you do not have an issue.

      If it does fall outside of the tax period, such as you used a processing date that falls into tax month 1, but the payment made falls into tax month 2, strictly speaking they should be taxed at month’s 2′s allowances. I would recommend that you talk to HMRC to discuss your directors unique circumstances.

      With reference to Internet Banking question, as long as you don’t have a ‘SUN’ number you can use either Credit Transfer or BACS, but not Direct BACS.

  • Gavin Wroght


    I have recently purchased Sage Instant Payroll RTI Edition

    On submitting the RTI information I got the following error:

    A software error has occurred. This is likely to be due to a mismatch in your components.
    Please contact Technical Support.

    Could you please help me.


  • Elaine Carroll

    I have tried to submit my Employer Alignment Submission but have an error message of 7811, please can you tell me what i need to do to resolve this.
    Many thanks