Getting the payroll support you need

What a year! No-one likes change and payroll seems to have gone through a lot lately. To keep up with all the changes you used more of our help resources than ever before which is great.
Why Sage for Payroll

If I have a problem with my TV or broadband, I instinctively go online and look for answers rather than pick up the phone. For me, it’s quicker, easier and I can usually find the answer I need.

With this in mind, a lot of my time is spent making sure our RTI support site, payroll Ask Sage articles and in-product help contain all the information you need. This year we’ve also introduced new ways to provide the information and we’ve had some fantastic results.

Some of the new things we’ve introduced are:

  • Short video clips – These are recorded demos that show how to complete a certain process. Why not watch one?
  • Audio clips – Some things are difficult to put into written words, and explaining it verbally can be much easier to understand. This is why we’ve started including audio clips to help explain some of the more difficult to understand areas. Have a listen.

We’ve had nearly 100,000 views of video and audio clips, and we’re already working on more for auto enrolment.

But what really interests me are your comments and suggestions. I’d love to hear what you like, what you don’t and anything that you think we should start doing. After all, this is all to help you, so why not help shape the support and information we offer?

Leave your comments below and I’ll make sure we’re doing the things you want so that you’ll get the support you need.

Lee Nevin, Sage Payroll Team