Time management tips for Sage Accounts

At work I find it can be difficult to get everything done in the time I have, so I’ve been working on improving my time management skills. Focusing on how I use my time has made me realise how much of it I waste by simply not using software effectively. I run some reports manually every month, even though with a bit of work they could be automated, the spreadsheets I use could take less time to complete if I used Excel functions more effectively, and using my Outlook calendar to its full potential would mean less time spent on planning. But to see the full benefits I need to invest some time in learning how to use these features.

From your feedback we know the same goes for Sage Accounts and how little time you have to learn about the new features in your software. Some people continue to process their accounts in the same way they’ve always done even if there’s a quicker way to do things.

There are several time saving features when it comes to reporting in Sage Accounts, for example:

  • Batch reports can generate multiple reports in one go, useful for busy reporting periods like month end.
  • Emailing invoices, statements and orders is quicker than posting them, not to mention cheaper with the price of stamps at the minute.
  • Quick Email and Quick Print generate your invoices and orders with just one click. A few seconds per invoice or order soon adds up.

There are also many other features to save time in Sage Accounts. If you have SageCover Extra you can see how they work through our webinars, from shortcut keys to online VAT submission and more.

Of course the big challenge is setting aside some time to look at what software features are available and how best to use them, but taking that step back and looking at where we can save time can be a huge benefit in the long run, and it may not take as long as you’d think.

Emma Watson, Sage Accounts team