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Sage Pay unveils the profiles of UK shoppers to help retailers take advantage of the biggest Cyber Monday ever. To see what type of shopper you are take part in their Facebook quiz.

With just four weeks to go until Christmas, the shops are full of discounts and you’ve probably just been paid. Which means it’s the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping.

With Cyber Monday rapidly approaching (known as the busiest day of the year for online shoppers), the 2ndDecember will see UK consumers break all previous online sales records with website visits expected to hit 113 million. At Sage Pay, based on the growth we’ve seen over the past 5 years, we’re predicting a total spend of more than £500m in just 24 hours.

But as technology advances, there are now more ways to shop than ever before…

Today we launch our new Facebook App, uncovering the psychology behind how shoppers handle their finances, interact with shopping environments and prefer to pay for purchases.

Take our Shoppers Quiz to find out whether you’re a Super Maximiser- carefully hunting for a bargain and planning out your finances, or a Carefree Clicker with a devil-may-care attitude – happily treating yourself and putting luxuries before necessities.

Through our research, we’ve determined there are just eight shopper types and these profiles paint a picture of the UK consumer landscape, providing insight for retailers into the different ways consumers like to shop, what functionalities they use and how they manage their finances.  All with the aim of helping retailers understand the current selling opportunities and how they can tailor the shopping experience to each type of shopper, enticing them to buy.

To find out more about the profiles of UK shoppers or to see what kind of shopper you are, you can visit the Shopper App on Sage Pay’s Facebook page.

Amy Monro

Amy Monro

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