Top tips on hiring the right person in 2014

We asked our Sage Business Experts for their top tips on how to tackle cash flow, hiring the right employee and creating a better work-life balance in 2014. Read their tips on hiring the right people below;Sage Business Experts

Kevin Poulter – BDB Law

Social media is a great way to advertise vacancies, but be careful. You may narrow the field of candidates too much and if you use social media profiles in the selection process, may risk opening yourself up to allegations of discrimination, not least age discrimination. A social media campaign should supplement not replace more traditional advertising methods and selection procedures.

Georgina El Morshdy – Gem Writing

As a small business owner, there comes a time when you realise you can’t do everything yourself – especially when you figure out that it’s not financially viable to even attempt to do so. I find that the easiest way to find the right people is by seeking recommendations from trusted associates. And if you’re feeling a little nervous about handing over something from your business to someone else, take baby steps to start with and see how you get on. Using a VA, booking gigs on Fiverr and contracting out, is now so easy to organise, there’s no reason for your business NOT to benefit from the skills and talents of other professionals.

Anil Stocker – MarketInvoice

Effective recruitment is arguably both the most difficult and important thing for a young business to get right. Hiring the wrong person is painful for a business at any stage but never more so in the early days, when budgets are lean, pressure to deliver is high and time is short. It may be time-consuming, but doing what it takes to hire the best people is one of the smartest investments that an entrepreneur can make. Go online, seek out networking opportunities and advertise your vacancies widely so that you get the best candidates possible.

Nicky Larkin – Goringe Accountants

Employees are a major investment, therefore it is always best to hire slowly and fire quickly. My tips for hiring:

  1. Have a thorough job description for the role before recruiting
  2. Look to see if you can up skill anyone in house before hiring additional staff
  3. Have a thorough interview process, with at least two people from your business interviewing
  4. Test them by having a work trial day
  5. Don’t pay too much at the start, you can increase salaries, but it is very difficult to decrease them

Barabara Kasumu – Elevation Networks

I’m a firm advocate in investing in talent and finding those high potential individuals who in place of their lack of experience bring their commitment, passion and loyalty with a firm willingness to learn. The right young person could bring fresh insight and a burst of energy into any organisation, but they will need a little more work to train them up. Of course some roles do require that expertise that comes with age and experience and it’s always good to tap into your networks to circulate opportunities and for recommendations. I’ve always found Twitter to be a great resource for this.

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