RTI whey aye!

Since April 2013, all employers have been encouraged to submit the details every time they pay an employee, at the time they pay them, to HMRC. This process is called Real Time Information or RTI.

Some reports suggest that 7% of active employers are still not submitting this information in ’Real Time’ and so risk a fine of £100 or more from HMRC.

If you’re one of the 7%, please visit our website to find out more information on how to get ‘RTI Ready’, or take a free trial of our Sage One Payroll software which is easy to use, online payroll software.

As the UK’s leading provider of accounts and payroll software, we are trying to raise awareness of RTI. Our Sage One team filmed this short video with small business owners in Newcastle city centre.

Please watch and share it on Twitter using the #RTIWheyAye hashtag.

Ashleigh Cameron

Ashleigh Cameron

Marketing Executive

Ashleigh works in our Start-up and Small Business segment as a Marketing Executive.