Even the North Pole is ready for Automatic Enrolment!

Santa Claus can now be certain his Elves will be comfortable in their retirement and that he’s avoided the naughty list thanks to some Sage elves further south!

santaBeing the busiest man around, especially at this time of year, Santa Claus has always struggled to manage his payroll, never mind the new pension legislation. With toy making 24/7 it’s been hard for him to get a spare minute to start preparing for Automatic Enrolment.

With so many elves and a staging date fast approaching Santa asked for one thing for Christmas … a tool to help him manage new workplace pension legislation.

He really wanted to make sure his own name didn’t go on the naughty list for missing his staging date not being compliant with the new workplace pension legislation.

Needless to say Santa Claus was left feeling less than merry struggling with all the extra admin work that auto enrolment brings with it.

We thought we’d make Santa’s Christmas wish come true and send him an early Christmas present. He was delighted to receive our new payroll software that automatically assess the elves, manages the pension data and payments, and automatically communicates with the elves to let them know of any changes to their enrolment eligibility.

Santa said: “I was feeling a bit bah-humbug thinking about all of the extra manual processes I was going to have to do, but now I can rest assured that it’s all taken care of and put my feet up on Christmas Day instead of struggling through payroll and pensions stuff.”

Santa can now process his pension and payroll in minutes not months, meaning that the North Pole is back to being efficient as ever and the elves and reindeer are happy too.

Follow in Santa’s footsteps and find out how to make auto enrolment a little merrier for you.