It’s that time of year again – another payroll year end!

If you’re in the midst of Payroll Year End don’t forget to visit our Payroll Year End Support website for our online guides, opening hours, key dates and support webinars.

It’s that time of year again – time for another payroll year end. For many of us it’s a familiar time, when employers around the country get ready to finish one year and move on to the next, but there’s been a lot of change over the last few years.

It’s not so long ago that payroll year end was an entirely different time. Paper copies of forms and reports to go to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), along with the copies for your employees, meant whole rainforests must have breathed a sigh of relief when things changed. Then there’s the time to spend reconciling reports – no matter how carefully you processed during the year, everything needed that final check. It all took time.

These days, things are much simpler. The introduction of real time information (RTI) took some getting used to, but sending details to HMRC throughout the year takes much of the pain out of year end. Anyone who’s been processing payroll for a long time will probably agree that there’s a lot less to do now. Not only does the information that HMRC need go to them online, but many people now email P60s to their employees. This means that for some employers, there’s no printing to do at all. No more worry about lining up P14 and P60 forms just right, or seeing the dreaded ‘Out of toner’ message just when you thought you were about to finish!

Here at Sage, change or not, every payroll year end is busy. It’s all hands on deck, with extra staff recruited just for this time of year, extended opening hours and people from all areas of the business doing their best to make sure we’re there when you need us. Many of our people volunteer to work overtime, including over the busy lunch period and even some weekends. Planning for year end starts early, and we’re always working to make each year end even better than the last.

Like HMRC, we’ve moved online. As you’d expect, our payroll software supports submitting all of your company’s information to HMRC, making processing under RTI straightforward. – this year, the new tax year update for our Sage Cover customers is supplied entirely online. No more waiting for the postman to arrive! Around 50,000 customers have already got a head start and installed their update, and more are installing every day.

Even the popular payroll year end guide is now online – we’ve provided all of the support you’ll need through our payroll year end site, so you don’t need to rely on a paper copy of the guide. The new online guide includes all of the information you’re used to, and much more. You’ll find hints and tips, frequently asked questions and even video demos to help you process your year end and move into the new tax year with confidence.

There’s no avoiding the fact that the end of the tax year is, and probably always will be, a busy time for most businesses – but look how far we’ve come.