Top 4 successful start-up trends from 2015

The 13th January marks international ‘make your dreams come true’ day, a day that intends to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere to make a start. This day is your chance to get things right! At Sage, we believe this could be your year to start your business, whether it be an online success story or a shop on your local High Street. We’ve asked London PR agency Marlin PR to list 4 of the latest successful start-up trends from 2015 to help give you the inspiration you need to take the plunge regardless of your budget.


  1. All eyes on the sharing economy

The sharing economy is radically changing the way people buy goods and services. With pioneers such as TaskRabbit setting the standard for the way people outsource their tasks, consumers are embracing the sharing economy as a welcome alternative to the status quo and new players are appearing all the time. In 2016 we’ll see these pioneers expanding their businesses out of London, into other regional hubs. The trend of sharing is set to continue with the likes of OLIO, connecting local consumers to share and distribute food and BorrowMyDoggy creating new careers and experiences for dog lovers. These businesses have technology at their core, but once set up empower communities to run them themselves. What could your local neighbourhood benefit from sharing and could you be the person to make it happen?


  1. When it comes to food, quirky is the new cool

Opening its Shoreditch doors in December 2014, the Cereal Killer Café has continued to stir things up, but you can’t deny the success the start-up has had through making the quirky cool through one simple idea: serving cereal. Over the last few years, we’ve seen niche business models appearing across London. From cafés dedicated to board games and cats to the Biscuiteers Boutique serving only biscuits. Niche ideas are taking over the food world, a little bit of imagination and creative flair could make a big splash for the same outlay as a traditional culinary venture.


  1. From Pop-Up, to Stay-Up 

According to a study by telecoms company EE, almost a third of new businesses launched in the UK over the next two years will start as a pop-up. New developments in technology and empty high street shops offering space without the cost of long term leases mean 2015 has seen a huge rise in pop-ups. London stores like We Built This City started as a Christmas pop-up shop in an empty retail unit on Carnaby Street, fast forward 12 months and it was voted Time Out’s Best Shop in Soho and now looks set to stay. Other enterprises like Box Park in Shoreditch are making new spaces available for pop-up shops and those looking to launch their retail business at low cost and minimum commitment. Anyone with a dream to open their own shop anywhere in the country should look to their local high street, it’s in the areas best interests to have shops open so there could be a great deal to be had.


  1. Peer-to-peer lending

Traditional banking is being disrupted by innovators and peer-to-peer lending is one of the key areas of change. Funding Circle is one of these innovators and is beating the interest rates on savings and business loans offered by banks. Funding Circle is one of London’s hottest ‘unicorns’ and its speed and ease is making it popular with businesses. Following Facebook’s announcements of a peer-to-peer payments service in the US (for now) and recent suspicions around Apple’s work in the space, peer-to-peer lending is becoming more mainstream and could be a viable option in getting your business off the ground.

With technology advancements, creative thinking and a shake-up in traditional business models, 2016 is your oyster for you and your business. As we celebrate Make Your Dreams Come True Day, take inspiration from these innovators and join in, or even buck the trends. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour so start thinking about your foundations for a fruitful year ahead.



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