A is for Accounting

Sometimes it’s really easy to forget your roots, to forget the original purpose of your task. This is especially true of technology. All those fancy words and business speak make it hard, sometimes, to keep track of the important things.

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We’re lucky, at Sage, to have exceptionally straight-talking customers who have been with us for a long time. They don’t mince their word, and they tell it to us like it is.

Do you remember life before your smart phone?

What am I talking about? Well, perhaps the best example is Apple’s iPhone. It’s hard to remember what life was like before 2008; if you had a smartphone, you needed to be pretty savvy to add applications to it, or even make it do what you wanted. Pretty much, people had phones.

Apple launched a phone, not a communications system or new paradigm. One that made people think again about what a phone was, and what it should be able to do. This ease of use, this focus on making it easy for the user to do things like install apps, (and find them, for that matter – app stores didn’t exist back then) was what made the iPhone an instant hit. It took what quite a lot of companies were trying to do, and just did it right.

Accounting is a joy

We’re Sage.  And our vision is to create software that makes your accounting jobs a joy. Yes, we sell solutions, and we have cloud enabled platforms. But the most important thing for us – and for our customers and users – is that we make accounting a lot easier.

We’re not on a religious crusade to make that happen using certain platforms or means of delivery – we want, first and foremost, to help businesses do their books quicker, easier and with less hassle.

And to do that, we absolutely have to understand what accounting is, and, once our technology helps make it a real-time affair, allow businesses to just ‘do’ accounting as part of all of the other functions of what they do.

Sage Live

For example, software like Sage Live allows businesses to run completely in the cloud, with access to real-time information. This gives entrepreneurs the flexibility for fast and insightful decision making, wherever they are, whichever device they are using.

We are as straight talking with our customers as they are to us. We make technology that makes accounting better, and that, in turn, will make your business perform better by helping you realise the full value of a real-time, connected, collaborative world.

Klaus-Michael Vogelberg

Klaus-Michael Vogelberg

Group Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for Sage’s global technology strategy and software architecture, Klaus-Michael is also Acting Chief Technology Officer for Sage Europe. From 2004 to 2007 he was R&D Director for Sage UK and Ireland. Klaus-Michael joined us when Sage acquired the German KHK Software group in 1997, where he was R&D Director and a partner.
A software entrepreneur, Klaus-Michael set-up his first business aged 19 while studying aeronautical engineering and national economics. Klaus-Michael is based in the UK.