Mentor Roundup, Day 3: Highlights and Soundbites

Day three of Sage Summit found us back in the Mentor Neighbourhood, once again chatting with the mentors and listening to their passions, stories and their business insights.

We touched on everything from the biggest mistakes small business owners make to the bumps in the road they themselves have experienced in their own business journeys.

Another theme emerged as we interviewed this brainy group. A theme of “realness.” Authenticity. Being yourself. Truly, openly honestly, yourself. Call it a cliché or a buzzword—but for small business owners, being authentic is a crucial ingredient to success. Here are just a few reasons why it’s so important:

Kimberly A. Ferguson:

K-Ferg Training (Excel Service Consulting, LLC)

“I’m not a salesperson. I’m an introvert. But when I go in to sell my training or a workshop, I focus on being real and making sure they understand what training really does. That helps me sell—being honest and being real. The truth sells.

“If I paint you a picture of all these wonderful things that are going to happen that are unrealistic, and then they don’t come true…you’re not going to come back to me again and you’re not going to refer me to anyone else. But if I set your expectations of what I actually deliver and what the results are going to be, you are going to refer me. “

Mike Michalowicz


“You know you’re being authentic when some people vehemently dislike you. I have a book on Amazon with more than 600 reviews. Some of them say things like, ‘This guy is the devil.’

“Fortunately, the majority of them are favorable and say things like, ‘This book spoke to my soul.’ When you are real and true to yourself, you allow people to really connect with you in ways they can’t if you put on an act. And the people who don’t like ‘people like you’ aren’t going to like you, and that’s okay. When you repulse a few people now and again, you know you’re being real!”

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