Five awesome benefits of attending Sage Summit

Jeremy Corner, Sage Business Expert and owner of greeting card publisher, Blue Eyed Sun, and wedding stationery specialists, Ivy Ellen shares some of the benefits of attending Sage Summit.

This year Sage Summit is coming to London, join us on the 5th and 6th April at the Excel London, register here.

Jeremy’s top 5 benefits from Sage Summit

I’ve been lucky enough to attend the last two Sage Summit events, held in New Orleans and Chicago. I found both to be incredibly inspiring for my business, and would like to share 5 of the top benefits I experienced:


Sage always manage to get a great line up of speakers together for Sage Summit. I found it fascinating to hear from such a diverse mix of leaders like Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Tony Hawk, Gwyneth Paltrow and Baroness Brady. There also smaller stages at the event with a variety of interesting speakers on all manner of subjects from marketing to finance and personal development. I loved listening to the stories of other businesses and hearing about the challenges they overcame.

New Friends

I met some incredible people at both Sage Summits. As well as being a great place to network I have also made some wonderful friendships with other delegates including philanthropist and adventurer Justin Packshaw MBE, Huffington Post blogger Sandy Abrams, Social Media whizz Rebecca Coleman, digital expert Thomas Power, YouTuber Evan Carmichael, business expert Janice B Gordon and the Start Up Van guys. Not to mention the approachable and friendly Sage Team including CEO, Stephen Kelly, CMO Santiago Solanas and many more of their incredible colleagues. Sage Summit is a great place to make new friends who share your passion for business.


Sage Summit is a constant learning experience full of golden nuggets that can help you to grow your business and develop personally. On one of the panels I was speaking on I picked up information from another speaker that helped me generate over £5,000 in savings for my business each year. Even at lunch time I was learning from people I met in the canteen! It’s a great opportunity to take some time out from working in your business and work on your business.


It’s always so challenging to keep up with the rapid changes in the tech world. I find wandering around Sage Summit super useful for getting a feel for what’s new from both Sage Software and companies that integrate with Sage. Whether it’s AI or bots, improved CRM systems or warehousing software, you can spend time talking to developers and support staff who can help you get to grips with what’s needed for your business.


I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot out of the Sage Summits I have visited. In my second year I was invited back to speak, I was interviewed on Bloomberg radio (which went out across the whole of the US) and I was even inspired to start my own YouTube channel, The Greeting Card Project. I’ve even had tips from one of the world’s leading branding experts, Sasha Strauss. With such a diverse mix of business people you are bound to benefit from some opportunity at the show. You just have to keep an eye out for it.

I am so excited to see that Sage Summit is coming to London this year. If you are starting or running a business it is worth every penny and is not to be missed. I hope to see you there!

Join Jeremy at Sage Summit on the 5th and 6th April at the Excel London and register here.


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Jeremy Corner

Jeremy Corner

Jeremy is the co-owner of award winning, greeting card publisher Blue Eyed Sun and wedding stationery specialist, Ivy Ellen. He sits on the Greeting Card Association Council, the Giftware Association’s National Committee and is a regular speaker at industry events. He blogs about successful retailing on his company blog: