Intentional innovation: Why a web agency turned to skateparks to ignite their team

The Skateparks Project

Last week we launched our #OpenUpToMore competition, designed encourage businesses of any size to share their best piece of business advice. This week we speak to digital entrepreneur and business consultant Alex Jordan about how his business Hyperlink Media has benefited from embracing to new and unlikely opportunities. Opening up to new ideas to stop […]

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Learning from 9 mistakes I made as a micro business


Today is MicroBizMattersDay: a day where 0-9 employee businesses can come together and help each other by giving 9 minutes of time to offer advice and experience. As a micro business (currently a core team of 4), I wanted to share 9 mistakes I made last year and highlight how learning from them has made us a stronger business. I hope that you can learn from them too.

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Ecommerce growth: optimise your product photos for business success


Product photos are one of the most important features of an ecommerce website. Your customers can’t physically interact with your products so photos allow your customers to explore them in a way that can’t be achieved through a description alone. I recently spoke with several ecommerce managers who unanimously agreed that product photos are fundamental […]

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