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Don’t rely on Bluebirds!

The current economic situation has many a Sales Manager looking hopefully at the door for that Bluebird deal to come walking in and save them from this quarter’s shortfall. There has never been a more challenging time for greater pipeline visibility. Accurate forecast reporting, transparency in the pipeline and clarity overall, helps to drive the sales cycle efficiently through the sales process. Continue reading…

Communicate. Collaborate. Compete.

CRM - At the basic level it is good contact management, but if you extend the concept of CRM into your business it can be much more than managing who you contact, how you contact and when you contact. It becomes about the way you manage processes, from the way you sell your products or service a customer, to the way your run processes internally. Continue reading…

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Conversation belongs to the customer

In June 2006 I wrote a paper entitled "Marketing Workflow" which discussed how full graphical control of processes could be added into Sage CRM. This was the first Sage CRM online article I wrote and the same day someone added a comment to the bottom of the article. Continue reading…

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